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The Halt Fentanyl bill passed in the US House of Representatives on Thursday May 25th. It now must be voted on by the Senate. If this bill passes the senate, it will the go to the president to be signed into law.

Under the bill, offenses involving fentanyl-related substances are triggered by the same quantity thresholds and subject to the same penalties as offenses involving fentanyl analogues (e.g., offenses involving 100 grams or more trigger a 10-year mandatory minimum prison term).
This is aimed at getting the smugglers coming from Mexico and dealers off our streets.

Contact your US senator and urge them to pass this bill.

Here is the contact information for Missouri and Kansas Senators.

Josh Hawley- R Missouri

Eric Schmitt- Missouri

Jerry Moran- R Kansas

Roger Marshall-R Kansas

If you need help finding the contact information for your US Senator, let us know and we can get that for you.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we have partnered with for National Fentanyl Awareness Day, May 9, 2023, a day of action to raise public awareness about an urgent problem: people dying at alarming rates due to illicit fentanyl (FEN-ta-nyl), a dangerous synthetic opioid.

Founded by parents who have lost loved ones to this crisis, National Fentanyl Awareness Day is supported by a coalition of experts, companies and partners who are coming together today to amplify this critical issue.

The safety and wellbeing of our community is always of utmost importance, which is why Micah Jacob Bottorff Addiction Awareness " Micah’s Mission" has joined this coalition to help spread the word. We encourage you to take action with us today to help this important cause.

Fentanyl is involved in more deaths of Americans under 50 than any other cause of death, including heart disease, cancer, and all other accidents.

Practically all of the pills seized by law enforcement are fake, and 40% contain a potentially lethal amount of fentanyl. Fake pills have been found in all 50 states. Assume any prescription pill you see online is fake, including Oxy, Percocet, Adderall and Xanax.

Illicit fentanyl is driving the recent increase in U.S. overdose deaths. Fentanyl-involved deaths are highest and fastest growing amongst youth.

Help Spread the Word

We encourage you to talk about this issue with your friends and family. More information and resources can

be found at

Please consider re-sharing content from the activation day’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts today and using the hashtag #NationalFentanylAwarenessDay.

With gratitude,

Micah Jacob Bottorff Addiction Awareness "Micah's Mission"