This is Micah Jacob Bottorff. He was a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend. He was also a drug addict. Only ones this was shared with our closest friends and family. We did everything we could do to possibly help him, but our help, love and support was not enough. He needed to want to help himself. He spent most of the last 8 years in and out of prison for various things (nothing ever violent). Each time he was released was a new beginning for him. He would come out determined to stay sober only to fail within a few months. He would find himself falling back with the same crowd. This last time when he got out, we felt would be different. He had a full-time job that he started about 9 months before. He had a girlfriend that was not an addict. We thought for sure this was going to be the time he was finally going to beat this horrible disease. I don't know what happened. Within just the last week or so of his life he relapsed. He came over to my house that Monday afternoon. He had just gotten his bike back after having it stolen a few weeks before.  He was here for over an hour. We visited about his job, a vacation I was planning later this summer, the future. His mom was here too so he visited with her. He went out back to work on his bike. I told him to let us when he was leaving. Less than an hour later the hospital called and said we need to come. We didn't even know he had left so I am sure he was planning on coming back. His mom and his dad were with him when he passed.  A victim of a fentanyl overdose. I am only sharing this because I want this to be a lesson to everyone and anyone who needs to learn this. Addiction is a disease. It's control over a person is not something a lot of people can comprehend. Many people can have this problem and not even be aware because it can take many forms. Drug addiction is just one form. Whether it is drugs, smoking, drinking etc. Drinking and drugs are the most potentially lethal and publicized forms. Anyways my point to this is we need to be there to support those that we love. That is all we can do as ultimately it is up to them to accept and want to be helped. Just don't give up on them if they are trying. I pray that this disease never affects those that you love. If it does, be there to support and encourage them to find the strength and desire to want to help themselves.

We began Micah Jacob Bottorff Adiction Awareness "Micah's Mission" to educate and spread awareness about drug addiction and the dangers of fentanyl. Drug overdose by fentanyl poisoning has become the leading cause of death of Americans aged 18-45 according to data compiled by the CDC.  We hope by spreading awareness in our community we can make an impact on that number. Micah's Mission cannot be successful without your help.  We will be hosting events during the year to help raise monies for those impacted by this terrible disease. The money raised will go to local substance abuse organizations and if funds are available to help families who have lost loved ones with funeral expenses. If we can save one life, we will be a success!  "Micah's Mission" is proof that he was a loving and caring person even in death.